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    Clifford Law Offices Files Class Action Complaint in Checked Baggage Issues Against United Airlines

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    Posted on July 9, 2014 To

    Clifford Law Offices filed a complaint this week against United Airlines in Cook County Circuit Court that alleges that United Airlines improperly favors the transportation of cargo over passenger luggage when planes approach or exceed an acceptable weight. The firm, along with Zimmerman Law Offices in Chicago, filed the complaint on behalf of Gina Spadoni who alleges that she paid an extra fee to have her bag on her flight only to find that it was left behind for a later flight. She did not receive a refund for the fee she was charged by United Airlines. United’s policy is ambiguous and does not state that cargo will be given priority over passenger’s luggage, particularly when the passenger has an expectation of that luggage being on their flight when they paid a fee for that service, the complaint alleges. Ms. Spadoni had paid a $25 baggage fee as she traveled to Los Angeles from Chicago in September only to find that her bag was still waiting in Chicago to be put on a later flight, the complaint alleges. The complaint seeks class action status on the grounds that this is happening regularly and to many more people. “United knows that the removal of cargo from the aircraft’s cargo compartment would result in reduced profits, because United receives substantially more money relative to its transportation of cargo than it receives relative to its transportation of checked baggage,” the complaint alleges.