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    Clifford Law Offices Files Class Action Complaint Against VW

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    Posted on September 22, 2015 To

    Clifford Law Offices, a leading mass tort/class action firm based in Chicago, today filed a complaint against Volkswagen on behalf of hundreds of thousands of people who have been duped by the German car maker in buying several environmentally friendly cars when, in fact, they were not. The 20-page complaint alleges deceptive and fraudulent business practices as well as violations of the Clean Air Act, EPA regulations and state consumer fraud statutes in Illinois and Indiana, the home states of the two representative plaintiffs. Both of them bought new Jettas based upon the fraudulent advertising that the cars were eco-friendly and also provided outstanding gas mileage when, in fact, neither was true. In addition to Jettas, the Passat, the Beetle, the Golf and the Audi A3 are involved in the scam. Some half million cars have been recalled by the EPA and require retooling.

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