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Clifford Law Offices’ Rachel Baker Volunteering on Hospital Committee to Help Health-Related Students With Their Educations

Rachel Baker, Executive Assistant of founder and senior partner Robert A. Clifford at Clifford Law Offices, serves on the Scholarship Committee of The Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital Women’s Board.

That committee met virtually to begin reviewing over 30 scholarship applications in support of the higher education goals of that hospital’s medical staff as well as immediate family members and volunteers who are students enrolled in health-related professions. Those enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate school of nursing, medical school or other clinical health career program with direct patient care qualify for such a scholarship.

Those selected will receive between $1,000 to $5,000 that can be applied toward tuition, fees, books or on-campus room and board.

Thank you Rachel for her commitment to helping those on the front lines continue their educational goals and their mission to help others.

The Women’s Board continues through the month of May to donate snacks to the hospital staff who are working long hours, as well as providing sample size toiletries for doctors and medical staff in the COVID Unit who shower at the hospital.