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    Clifford Law’s Philosophy

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    Posted on July 1, 2014 To

    By Robert A. Clifford

    The philosophy of Clifford Law Offices is for our lawyers and our staff to provide a high level of professional services to our clients. We deal with people who are traumatized, have lost loved ones, and are in difficult circumstances where their judgment might be impaired. They need well trained, professional advice and it is my expectation that the lawyers of Clifford Law Offices provide the highest level of service that they can, using scholarship, effort, and commitment. It is also a mission at Clifford Law Offices to give back to the Chicago community. Our lawyers raise money for cancer victims, support organizations like the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, and raise money for at risk and under privileged children. Recently we got involved in helping fund mental health initiatives. Supporting our local community is something that we truly believe in. I’m also proud of the fact that we conduct annual symposiums on professionalism and ethics. This year, we’ve had over 3,000 lawyers register for a free seminar with professors, judges and regulators. These symposiums are important because it allows lawyers to learn, grow, and overall do better work. We don’t call this a profession for nothing. Being a lawyer is a “noble” profession. This means that lawyers must take the best interest of their clients. It’s about serving their clients and acknowledging their best interests. Our clients have rights and we expect those rights to be respected and honored. And if our clients aren’t getting that, we go get it for them. Because of the work we do and the reputation we have, cases that we handle get resolved at the highest range of value. The philosophy of Clifford Law Offices is for our Chicago-based lawyers to be involved in scholarship within their profession, to be involved in their community in a meaningful way, to make sure they keep their trial skills at the highest level, and frankly, to make sure they are tough. I am proud to be surrounded with lawyers who care about their work and are passionate about helping others. For more information about Clifford Law Offices and its community involvement, click here.