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Clifford Settles Violinist Lawsuit Against METRA for $35 Million

The Illinois Supreme Court today entered an order that brings an end to the case of Rachel Barton vs. Metra and Chicago NorthWestern Railroad.

The railroads agreed to pay Barton $35 million for injuries sustained seven years ago. Barton was severely injured in January, 1995, when the conductor allowed the train to leave the station while Barton was pinned to its door.

After a month-long trial, three years ago, a jury found Metra and Chicago NorthWestern Railroad to be 95.5% at fault and awarded Barton $29.6 million. The Illinois Court of Appeals upheld the jury’s verdict last year.

Last month, the Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear the railroad’s appeal. The settlement supercedes the jury’s award and the interest that has accrued since the original verdict. Approximately $15 million of the settlement will be used to pay for Barton’s past medical and legal expenses.

Barton was represented by Robert Clifford and Kevin Durkin of Clifford Law Offices.

According to Clifford, when Barton was informed of the settlement, she expressed relief and appreciation for the many people who have stood by her during the last seven years.