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Erin Clifford Leads Wellness Webinar for NWSBA on May 21st, 2020

Erin Clifford, partner at Clifford Law Offices and wellness coach, will be leading a session for the Northwest Suburban Bar Association (NWSBA) on May 21, 2020 12pm – 1:15pm on Boosting Wellness and Managing Stress During Quarantine.

The event, complimentary to NWSBA members, is part of a series organized to help members deal with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Erin will be educating attendees on wellness points including:

  • Creating a daily schedule to effectively work from home
  • How to exercise at home
  • What foods to eat to boost immunity
  • Healthy snacking ideas
  • Foods you want to limit during quarantine
  • Types of foods that can help you decrease stress
  • Effective ways to manage stress
  • What to do if you’re struggling with sleep

The webinars in this series are sponsored by the NWSBA and facilitated through the Civil Litigation Committee.

To register for the Boosting Wellness and Managing Stress During Quarantine webinar, visit nwsba.org.