Erin Clifford Spoke at Women in Litigation Joint CLE Conference
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    Erin Clifford Spoke at 2023 Women in Litigation Joint CLE Conference

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    Erin Clifford Spoke at 2023 Women in Litigation Joint CLE Conference

    Erin Clifford, partner at Clifford Law Offices and Founder of Erin Clifford Wellness,  presented at the American Bar Association’s 2023 Women in Litigation Joint CLE Conference on Thursday, November 2, 2023, in collaboration with Charla Stevens, of Charla Stevens Consulting LLC.

    Erin’s presentation, #EndtheStigma: Breaking Down Barriers Standing in the Way of Self-Care Stigma, discussed how stress, anxiety, and burnout limit attorneys’ ability to find relief in workplace culture. The roundtable discussion was intended to prompt attorneys to consider how individuals and organizations can reduce the stigma associated with seeking help and brainstorm ideas about how we can support one another through difficult times and effect meaningful change.

    The conference celebrated women in litigation and throughout the legal profession, highlighting the advances and achievements women have made in law, and reflecting on the challenges and obstacles women lawyers continue to face in the profession.

    Erin’s background in law, paired with her expertise in mental health and holistic wellness, provides her with a unique perspective into the personal challenges lawyers face on a day-to-day basis.

    Clifford Law Offices was a silver sponsor of the event and is proud to promote the achievement of women litigators and be a voice for improving the scope of practice and well-being of all attorneys.

    To learn more about the conference, click here.