Ethiopian Plane Crash Press Conference – Can the Max8’s Ever be Made Safe?
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    Ethiopian Plane Crash Press Conference – Can the Max8’s Ever be Made Safe?

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    Posted on May 1, 2019 To
    Ethiopian Plane Crash Press Conference – Can the Max8’s Ever be Made Safe?

    Clifford Law Offices of Chicago and Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy of San Francisco filed lawsuits on Monday, April 29, 2019 on behalf of the families of 10 Canadians who were killed in the tragic crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Max8 aircraft. The victims include three generations of one family, and the wife and three children, including a nine-month old of another family, all from the Toronto area.

    The complaints come on the heels of Boeing’s CEO speaking to the press this morning regarding the problems with the Max8 jets. Kevin P. Durkin, a partner at Clifford Law Offices said, “What the CEO of Boeing said is obnoxious and an insult to all of these families. How can they ever trust Boeing again?” He added, “[The Boeing CEO] had the gall to say we’re going to make this plane even safer, implying this plane was safe? Tell that to the families of the 346 people [who perished on board ET 302 and JT 610].” “We plan to seek the deposition of Boeing’s CEO, with leave of court.”

    Family members from the Toronto area spoke at a noon press conference in Chicago and addressed the comments made by Boeing’s CEO. “He said that all design and certifications were followed. At the end of day, if all certifications were done, how could the crash still have occurred?” said Manant Vaidya, who lost six family members including three generations of loved ones – his parents, his sister and brother-in law, and two teenaged nieces. “I am completely lost right now. I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the world.” he continued. Paul Njoroge, who lost his wife and three children on board this tragic flight said, “I keep thinking about the six minutes when the pilots struggled to maintain control of the aircraft. I will remember those six minutes for the rest of my life. That I wasn’t there to save [my family].”

    Aviation accident attorneys and family members questioned if a plane that Boeing’s CEO claimed met all certifications and design criteria, how was it still fatally flawed.

    The complaints were filed in federal district court in Chicago against Boeing, manufacturer of the plane, based in Chicago, and Rosemount Aerospace, Inc. of Minnesota that manufactured the allegedly defective part. Separate claims were also filed Monday against the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on behalf of the families.

    Click here to watch the press conference.

    For further information, or to speak to Robert A. Clifford or Frank Pitre, please contact Pamela Sakowicz-Menaker at 847-721-0909 (cell) at Clifford Law Offices or Alison Cordova at 425-772-7404 (cell) at Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy or Lee Housekeeper at 415-654-9141 (cell).