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Exit Screening? Syracuse Airport Installs New Exit Doors

At the end of a long flight, or even a short one, the last thing anyone wants is another cumbersome procedure. People are more willing to participate in, and are accustomed to, security screenings in the airport than they were a decade ago. However, the latest addition of exit portals at the Syracuse airport caused some ire similar to when shoe screenings and body scanners became part of the air travel experience.

As part of renovations at the airport, officials there said they installed the new doors as an additional security measure and to avoid TSA screeners from monitoring the exits. A cause for concern different from previous security additions, though, is that these devices hinder the speed and efficiency of exiting travelers, especially in case of an emergency like a fire. While authorities assured that there were available methods of egress in such a case, there remains a cause for concern.

For more of the story on the pros and cons of these installments, see Tim Knauss’s article here.