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Families Come Together in Helping Another More Than 1,000 Miles Away

The Pantoja and Aquilar families finally got to meet on August 3rd at noon at ASI, a non-profit organization on Chicago’s northwest side dedicated to providing home care services, employment, and training since 1975.

The Pantoja family drove up from San Antonio, Texas, on what would have been their son’s 18th birthday to celebrate with a recipient family of some of the medical equipment that their son, Dylan, never got to use. Dylan died at age 16 after becoming developmentally disabled following his birth in Puerto Rico.  The family moved to Texas after his birth.

Over the years as Dylan grew, his family had accumulated medical equipment including special beds, wheelchairs, catheters, gauze, feeding tubes, and other necessary items for a special needs child. After Dylan died in November 2019, his family drove all of it up to Chicago in a van after being unable to find an organization that could help them in the San Antonio area. It filled a one-car garage.

Families Come Together in Helping Another More Than 1,000 Miles Away

With the support of attorney Pedro Soler, who represented the Pantoja family and introduced them to Clifford Law Offices, we linked all of the necessary parties together so that the Aguilar family of Chicago’s northwest side could have some of the equipment for their 11-year-old son Felipe who has cerebral palsy. ASI will be distributing the remaining medical supplies and equipment to other needy families in Chicago.

Please see below for the press conference that was held as well as photos of the event.

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Press Conference Photos

Press Conference Video