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    Fire Rescue Truck Runs Over One of Victims

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    Posted on July 8, 2013 To

    Rescue Truck Runs Over One of the Victims Ejected from Asiana Airlines Plane Crash; Two Pilots in Training on Tragic Saturday Flight to San Francisco in Control; Clifford Law Offices has learned that one of the Chinese girls ejected from the plane in the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 who died was run over by a fire truck during the ensuing rescue efforts on the ground at San Francisco International Airport Saturday. The coroner is still working on the autopsy, senior partner Robert Clifford has learned from aviation experts.

    Another disturbing fact has been revealed that two of the captains in the cockpit were undergoing training and had no previous experience landing a Boeing 777 at SFO prior to Saturday’s tragic crash that left two Chinese teenage girls dead and dozens more injured, some of them very seriously. Two experienced pilots were in the jump seats during the landing, sources have told Clifford. Clifford has learned that the two captains, including the captain commandeering the aircraft in the Initial Operating Experience (left seat) had never flown that type of aircraft into SFO prior to this flight. The autopilot was disengaged and the pilots were executing the descent that included pulling the throttle back into the flight idle mode; there was discussion in the cockpit about being slow upon approach and the pilots tried to correct it, but it was too late, Clifford has learned.

    The Boeing 777 aircraft does not have an aural low-airspeed alert for pilots, something that was recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Boeing added aural low-airspeed alerting to its 737 cockpit options after the fatal 2009 Turkish Airlines crash but has yet to do so for its 777 fleet. Clifford Law Offices’ aviation attorneys have been leading counsel in both of these air crashes on behalf of victims and their families. Attorneys at Clifford Law Offices have a great deal of experience with plane crashes involving the Boeing, particularly upon landing, and are available to speak to the press regarding pertinent issues regarding Saturday’s crash of Asiana Airlines in San Francisco.

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