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    Flying Wired: Will It Impact Flight Safety?

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    Posted on July 15, 2013 To

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has long forbid the use of most electronics while in flight; however, that may be changing. The agency’s recent announcement on in-flight cell phone use has some questioning the impact on flight safety.

    Changes in Restrictions

    The FAA announced last year that it was in the process of reevaluating its restrictions on in-flight electronic usage. And while potentially more electronics will be allowed, it has been made clear that full use of cellphones will still most likely be restricted. The approval process for consumer electronics is being carefully considered; the FAA understands that electronics use could have an impact on overall flight safety. For this very reason, the FAA is not currently considering relaxing restrictions on cell phones.

    Approval Process for Electronics

    Unfortunately for those wishing to board with new electronics, the FAA testing process is rather inconvenient and time-intensive. Each new version of a phone or other electronic device must be tested with each type of plane, without any passengers on board, before being approved for use. Those who want to learn more about aviation law can visit Clifford Law Offices’ site. Clifford Law Offices is one of the premier law firms in Chicago and the nation having gained acclaim for its aviation accident attorneys working towards improved flight safety and its landmark cases in other areas of practice.