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    From Classroom to Courtroom: Clifford Law Offices’ Partnership with Cristo Rey

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    Posted on June 24, 2024 To
    From Classroom to Courtroom: Clifford Law Offices’ Partnership with Cristo Rey

    A constant advocate for Chicago’s next generation of leaders, Clifford Law Offices is deeply engaged in community partnerships that promote the education and growth of young minds.

    Among those partnerships is Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, a unique Chicago school that provides a Catholic, college preparatory education and professional work experience to students from Spanish-speaking families with limited financial means. By partnering with local businesses, Cristo Rey has built a unique program that provides its students with immersive experience in industry work aligned with their career goals, and real-world exposure to the expectations and responsibilities of working in a professional setting.

    Since 1997, Clifford Law Offices has built a wonderful relationship with Cristo Rey, providing meaningful opportunities for lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants to interact with, mentor, and inspire students. Over the decades, the firm has invited dozens of students to engage in and build an interest in the legal profession, gain and apply practical experience, and develop a sense of pride and responsibility.

    “I learned so much in the work-study program with Clifford Law Offices. It molded who I am and influenced how I thought about my future. I am grateful for the opportunities Bob Clifford granted us as well as the guidance and skills taught by my mentors at the firm.”
    Rafael Pelayo, Cristo Rey class of 2005

    Partnerships with local businesses like Clifford Law Offices effectively remove institutional barriers and provide opportunities for talented students to fully experience their workforce placement, gaining skills and insight that otherwise might not be available to them. The supportive and engaging environment at the firm makes it an ideal workplace for aspirational students to learn about the important work of personal injury law and experience firsthand how the law influences society. Inspired by the transformational work of the firm, several Cristo Rey graduates have since become full-time employees at Clifford Law Offices.

    “The first day I stepped into Clifford Law Offices changed my life. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without the life lessons and education I received from the firm. There is a culture of excellence and high expectations here that I have carried with me into my career.”
    – Ana Ortega-Davila, Cristo Rey Class of 2001

    Among the students who participated in the program through Clifford Law Offices is a collective appreciation for Bob Clifford, the firm’s founder and senior partner, and the positive environment he created for young people to learn and challenge themselves. Rafael Pelayo, Cristo Rey class of 2005, said of Bob, “Bob took a risk by opening his firm to teenagers, but here we are because he has provided us with an opportunity to grow in ways that most successful businesses would consider unconventional.”

    “In order to continue our impactful legacy it is important to nurture the minds of the next generations and teach the importance of investing in themselves and in the communities around them.”
    – Robert A. Clifford, Founder and Senior Partner at Clifford Law Offices

    Clifford Law Offices’ culture of excellence is deeply rooted in the pursuit of knowledge. Bob exemplifies this in his consistent drive for professional, personal, and community advancement. Clifford Law Offices is proud to support Cristo Rey Jesuit High School’s unique work-study program and continue engagement with the future leaders of Chicago.

    Current Clifford Law Offices Cristo Rey alumni from left to right: Gabriel Becerra (class of 2017), Ana Ortega-Davila (Class of 2001), Natali Barrios (Class of 2010), and Rafael Pelayo (Class of 2005).