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Grain Bin Entrapment Tragedy Repeats Itself in Downstate Illinois With Death of Worker; Man Jumps in to Rescue Entrapped Worker is Saved

A grain bin worker in Kankakee County died yesterday (Jan. 8, 2019) after he fell into a grain bin holding 10,000 bushels of corn. Another man jumped in to try to save him and teams of rescuers were able to save the second man.

The incident mirrors what occurred in Carroll County, Illinois, 10 years ago when a young man fell into a grain bin and two others jumped in to save him. In that incident, rescuers were able to save only one of the young men who suffocated when they became engulfed in the grain like quicksand.

“Grain bin suffocations are avoidable tragedies,” said Kevin P. Durkin, Partner at Clifford Law Offices who obtained a record $16 million verdict in a trial on behalf of the two families who lost loved ones 10 years ago. “Grain bin operators need to know that the lives of people are in their hands. Proper training and safety precautions must be followed so that people don’t suffer these unspeakable losses.”

The worker who was killed in yesterday’s tragedy had been a worker there for 40 years in the facility near Grant Park near Kankakee, IL. Rescuers were able to locate the man who tried to save the worker yesterday because he had a two-way radio on him.

Durkin is available to speak to the media regarding grain bin suffocations.

For further information or to contact Kevin Durkin, call Clifford Law Offices Communications Partner Pamela Sakowicz Menaker at 847-721-0909 (cell).