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    Helicopter Crash in London Kills Two

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    Posted on January 16, 2013 To

    A horrific helicopter crash occurred during the Wednesday morning rush hour in central London when the aircraft slammed into a construction crane on top of a 50-story residential building (1/16/13). The pilot and one person on the ground reportedly were killed; 13 others were injured on the ground. It was reported to be misty weather and the pilot had asked to divert and land in nearby London Heliport. The helicopter reportedly was on a commercial flight for RotorMotion, an executive helicopter charter business. A spokesperson for the company told the press that the pilot was identified as Peter Barnes, 50, who flew in films including “Saving Private Ryan” and the James Bond movie “Die Another Day.” Officials said the crane, which was 770 feet high, normally is lit at night. It wasn’t known if the lights were lit at the time of the crash. The area is 10 blocks from the major Waterloo train and Underground station just south of the river Thames. The crane operator was not in the crane at the time of the crash.