Does Illinois Need to Reexamine Screening Process for Commercial Drivers' Licenses (CDL)? | Clifford Law Offices PC
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    Does Illinois Need to Reexamine Screening Process for Commercial Drivers’ Licenses (CDL)?

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    Posted on January 31, 2014 To

    On January 27th, an Illinois Toll-way worker was killed and a state trooper was grievously injured in a collision involving a multi-axle vehicle. This tragic event reportedly has been linked to the fact that the operator of the truck had been on-the-job for 37 straight hours, far more than is allowed for operation of commercial vehicles according to federal limits. Of further concern, the operator of the big rig truck reportedly had multiple arrests, including felony drug convictions, on his record, yet he was still allowed to obtain a CDL in Illinois. Could this tragedy have been prevented? Should there be more stringent methods of enforcing federal limits on consecutive hours of operation? Hopefully, as more facts are revealed, it will bring attention and concern to these often overlooked aspects of the commercial driving industry. Instead, they require constant attention and oversight. For the rest of the Sun-Times article, click here: