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    Judge’s Ruling in Boeing ET302 Crash Allows Victims’ Families to Recover Pre-Impact Damages in “Significant Win” for the Families

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    Posted on May 31, 2023 To
    Judge’s Ruling in Boeing ET302 Crash Allows Victims’ Families to Recover Pre-Impact Damages in “Significant Win” for the Families

    A federal judge in Chicago ruled Tuesday (May 30, 2023) that the families who suffered the loss of a loved one in the 2019 crash of a Boeing 737 MAX8 jet killing all 157 on board can obtain damages for the victims’ pain and suffering while on the plane before it crashed six minutes after takeoff.

    Federal District Court Judge Jorge Alonso of the Northern District of Illinois ruled late Tuesday that, “A jury could reasonably infer from the evidence that will be presented at trial that the passengers on ET 302 perceived that they were going to crash, horrifically, to their certain death.”

    Boeing admitted sole and complete liability for the crash that came five months after another crash of the same type of aircraft minutes after takeoff from Indonesia.  In a three-hour hearing last week, Boeing lawyers had argued that all died instantly and, therefore, weren’t entitled to such damages.

    In the Ethiopia crash, six cases are set to go to trial before Judge Alonso June 20.  About 75 remain unresolved of the 157 who were on board.

    Robert A. Clifford, founder and senior partner of Clifford Law Offices and Lead Counsel in the consolidated litigation before Judge Alonso said of the ruling, “We are pleased with the court’s ruling. Boeing’s victims undeniably suffered horrific emotional distress, pain and suffering, and physical impact and injury while they endured extreme G-forces, braced for impact, knew the airplane was malfunctioning, and ultimately plummeted nose-down to the ground at nearly 600 miles per hour, leaving a crater 30 feet deep. We look forward to upcoming trials to present this evidence to a jury and ensure Boeing is held fully accountable.”

    Clifford went on to say, “This is a significant and strong win for the families. In a very controlled and fair measure, with his oversight at trial, the judge will allow them to push forward the claims of emotional distress experienced by their loved ones who needlessly died at the hands of a company that put profits over safety and allowed the crash to occur that could have been completely avoided.”

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