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    Lawyer for Victims’ Families of Ethiopian Crash Responds to Boeing’s Pledge of $100 Million Fund

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    Posted on July 3, 2019 To
    Lawyer for Victims’ Families of Ethiopian Crash Responds to Boeing’s Pledge of $100 Million Fund

    Robert A. Clifford, lawyer for dozens of families who lost loved ones in the crash of the Boeing 737 Max8 aircraft in Ethiopia, responds to today’s pledge by the aircraft manufacturer to create a $100 million fund addressing “family and community needs”:

    “This type of offer so early in the litigation process is unprecedented. Because there is still so much to learn about what occurred, it also appears to be disingenuous. Frankly, Boeing’s statement creates more questions than answers. Boeing does not understand that the families at this point in time are not interested in its money. The fact is that what is foremost on the minds of these families is getting back the human remains from the crash site. To date that process has been torturously slow without a great deal of communication from Ethiopia. If Boeing really wanted to help, it would take all that money and devote it to accelerating the remains recovery/identification process for these families.

    “The families also want to see the necessary money spent on making the 737 Max8 plane safe. If that means a complete redesign and recertification of the Max8, so be it. Putting a mere few weeks into fixing a software system is not the answer. Design flaws also are being questioned and there are no assurances now that the Max8 will ever be safe to fly. The families cannot see a third crash happen and the ‘community needs’ that Boeing points out in its vague announcement of a $100 million fund would be better spent on focusing on the safety of the flying community.”

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