Have Recent Maritime Accidents Stifled the Cruise Industry? | Clifford Law Offices PC
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    Have Recent Maritime Accidents Stifled the Cruise Industry?

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    Posted on June 6, 2013 To

    Traditionally, cruise lines charge their highest prices during the summer season, but with the Costa Concordia sinking last year and the Carnival Triumph debacle this winter we were left wondering will industry sales be heavily impacted as we head into the warmer months? The survey says yes. In a Harris Interactive Poll, more than half (53%) of those surveyed answered “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” with the statement “I am less likely to take a cruise now than I was a year ago.” That could mean financial trouble if customers sail away from vacations at sea, especially during high season when the industry sees the greatest profit. But the maritime accident victims whose psychological, physical and emotional wounds may never fully heal will feel the deepest losses.

    Clifford Law Offices, having experience in transportation-related personal injury and wrongful death cases, is no stranger to maritime accidents and the devastation they can leave behind for victims and their families. The firm’s maritime injury attorneys represented a suburban Chicago man who was injured when a powerboat rammed his catamaran in Lake Michigan, cutting his watercraft in two. The lawyers at Clifford Law Offices have also worked closely with other attorneys around the world in representing victims of mass disasters, helping secure justice for those whose lives have been impacted by these tragic events.