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    Medical Malpractice: Hidden Dangers of Robotic Surgery

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    Posted on June 24, 2013 To

    Advancements in medicine have led to some miraculous discoveries and treatments, but even the latest technology can have devastating side effects. In a recent medical malpractice case involving robotic-assisted surgery, a 65-year-old male patient experienced a tragic outcome.

    Robotic Procedures for Prostate Cancer

    Laparoscopic prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate gland) is a common treatment for prostate cancer, and the da Vinci prostatectomy is one of the latest procedures being offered to these patients. Its robotic-assisted surgical capabilities make it a minimally invasive technique for eliminating cancer without compromising urinary and sexual function. Unfortunately for the male patient identified earlier, his experience with the da Vinci procedure cost him more than just the prostate gland; it destroyed nearly all of the nerve function in his hands and led to a serious medical malpractice case for the hospital and its staff.

    Why Risk Medical Malpractice and Patient Safety

    Due to the alleged inexperience of the primary surgeon in the case, the patient was left in one position for too long while the surgeon consulted with another doctor. This alleged negligence caused multiple compression-related problems, including severe nerve damage in the patient’s hands. According to the lawsuit, the primary surgeon did not have the skills needed to perform the robotic surgery in an efficient and satisfactory manner, which directly impacted the patient’s safety and the risk of medical malpractice for the hospital. In order for medical organizations to avoid malpractice lawsuits related to robotic surgery, they need to ensure the staff receives the proper training to successfully operate the new equipment. Patients that want to learn more about these types of cases can visit Clifford Law Offices’ medical malpractice questions and answers webpage. Clifford Law Offices is renowned in Chicago and throughout the country for its work in medical malpractice cases, including a $16 million settlement for a newborn who suffered brain damage due to hospital negligence.