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    More Snow? Who Should be Shoveling?

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    Posted on March 4, 2014 To

    Time and again, the question has come up during this harsh Chicago winter as to whose responsibility it is to shovel the sidewalk in front of your home or business. In 2008, Robert Clifford, senior partner at Clifford Law Offices, wrote a column on “To Shovel or Not to Shovel,” in the January issue of the Chicago Lawyer magazine.
    With the near record breaking snow totals for the winter of 2013­-14 and up to six more inches of snow falling in the area over the weekend, the Chicago Tribune asked that question in a front page story on March 1, 2014. Reporter Michelle Manchir wrote that the rules are different from municipality to municipality, as is the rigor with which the rules are enforced. “For the most part, in Chicago, if you own property near a public walkway, grab a shovel. The responsibility is yours.” She goes on to say there is a threat of a $50 fine if you don’t clear a public way within three hours after the snowfall. Business establishments face stiffer penalties. Those who need help to clear their walkways because of age or health can call 311 to request that a Snow Corps volunteer do the work, the story goes on to report. To read the entire story in Saturday’s Chicago Tribune, click here.