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    National Law Journal Names Top Ten Litigation Boutiques

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    Posted on February 12, 2013 To

    Award Confirms Clifford Law Offices’ Position Among Top Chicago Law Firms

    The National Law Journal, recognizing it as one of the top Chicago law firms, named Clifford Law Offices one of the 10 Top Litigation Boutiques in the country in 2013.

    In granting the award to the top Chicago law firm, Editor Leigh Jones wrote, “They may be small, but they command attention.” Of the top litigation boutiques named, she went on to write that, “Whether they’re working on the plaintiffs’ or defense side of big pharma, big oil, white-collar or agriculture matters, the lawyers practicing at these streamlined shops set precedents, righted wrongs or saved companies during 2012.”

    The editors pointed out some of the successes of the firm last year, in particular, the $112 million verdict obtained on behalf of two grain bin workers burned in an explosion in downstate Illinois.

    When asked some of his trial tips, Bob Clifford told the editors, “There’s no such thing as too much preparation, but there certainly can be too little. So beware, for both will reveal themselves to the seasoned opponent and trial judge. Great lawyers persuade with facts, not just boisterous rhetoric. It may seem like a trite cliche, yet the best lawyers in America are skillful and determined in their preparation for all aspects of litigation. Never make promises that you cannot keep. It is ‘game, set, match’ if you promise a client or the court or an opponent or indeed the jury something that you fail to deliver. Credibility once lost is gone forever.”

    “Apologies work, whiny excuses don’t. If you make a mistake, be honest enough to admit it.”

    All of us here at Clifford Law Offices are proud of this achievement, the recognition among top Chicago law firms, and the inclusion within the ten top litigation boutiques in 2013.