Nine Partners Named Leading Lawyers in Illinois; Two More Named as Emerging Lawyers
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    Nine Partners Named Leading Lawyers in Illinois; Two More Named as Emerging Lawyers

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    Posted on August 16, 2015 To

    August 16, 2015

    Leading Lawyers of Illinois has once again named a number of partners at Clifford Law Offices among its list of those recognized as the best in Chicago and across the state. This year nine attorneys have been named to the peer-reviewed 2015 Leading Lawyers in Illinois. Two more were listed as Emerging Lawyers because they are under 40-years-old.

    Leading the list is Robert A. Clifford who also was named one of the Top 10 Leading Lawyers in the state, an honor he has consistently received over the years. He also is listed as one of the Top Ten Consumer Leading Lawyers in Illinois. In 2010, he was profiled in a cover story of the magazine that goes to lawyers across the state.

    Other attorneys of the top Chicago law firm that were recognized by the organization include Kevin P. Durkin and Keith A. Hebeisen who, along with Clifford, also serve as Advisory Board members for Leading Lawyers in identifying those who qualify for this recognition. Other Leading Lawyers at the firm include Richard F. Burke, Jr., Susan A. Capra, Shannon M. McNulty and Robert P. Walsh, Jr. Partner Bradley M. Cosgrove was named as Emerging Lawyers. With these awards, the lawyers are noted as some of the best attorneys in Chicago law firms. discusses the selection process with thousands of lawyers. Those who receive the greatest number of nominations are selected and are profiled on the organization’s website. Leading Lawyers Network is a division of the Law Bulletin Publishing Company in Chicago that has provided legal information to the legal and business community since 1854. The website also serves as a community resource.