Over 2,600 Legal Professionals Registered for Wellness CLE Program
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    Over 2,600 Legal Professionals Registered for Wellness CLE Program

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    Over 2,600 Legal Professionals Registered for Wellness CLE Program
    Erin Clifford June 2024 CLE

    Erin Clifford before her “Working Wellness: Healthy Solutions for Lawyer Well-Being” webinar

    Clifford Law Offices sponsored a free Continuing Legal Education (CLE) webinar for lawyer well-being led by Erin Clifford, partner at Clifford Law Offices and corporate wellness consultant and coach. Erin presented the one-hour webinar, “Working Wellness: Healthy Solutions for Lawyer Well-Being,” on June 13, 2024, to thousands across four states. Students and law professionals registered for the event.

    A comprehensive exploration of the critical issues in the legal profession,  the webinar addressed the common mental health and wellness issues that lawyers often face, such as stress, work exhaustion, and an imbalanced lifestyle. Erin’s program provided lawyers with practical and sustainable strategies to improve their work-life balance and manage stress effectively. The attendees were equipped with a developed framework to incorporate self-care into their daily routines, a crucial skill for maintaining their well-being in a demanding profession.

    Erin Clifford often speaks on various wellness topics including nutrition, stress management, and healthy lifestyle management. Her expertise in wellness has earned her media attention from publications such as Shape Magazine, US News and World Report, Prevention Magazine, and Better Magazine. In 2024, Erin joined the American Bar Association Litigation News Board as its Attorney Health & Wellness columnist to continue providing advice, information, and perspective to legal professionals nationwide. She holds a J.D. and a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University.