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    Paul Njoroge Sits Down With ABC-TV in Washington, DC to Speak About His Unprecedented Testimony on Capitol Hill

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    Posted on July 18, 2019 To

    Lisa Fletcher, ABC Senior Investigative Reporter, reports on Boeing’s intense scrutiny on Capitol Hill during an emotional hearing on the deadly Boeing 737 Max 8 jet crashes. Click below to watch the interview.

    She sits down with Paul Njoroge, a father who lost his whole family in the March Boeing crash, after he testified on Wednesday, July 17th.

    This hearing was different – family members of victims of plane crashes have never been invited before to testify before such an investigative body. Paul was a voice for voices for the families of the 346 victims in that crash.

    “The Boeing’s 737 Max crashes killed my wife, my three children, my mum-in-law and 341 others. Today I speak not only with my voice, but the voices of my departed family,” Paul Njoroge told committee members.

    Njoroge is represented by Clifford Law Offices, who is representing families all over the world who also lost loved ones in the crash.