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    Personal Injury Attorneys Explain Class Actions

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    Posted on August 17, 2015 To

    The personal injury attorneys at Clifford Law Offices have handled class actions for over three decades. At the current time, there are several class actions in which the firm is involved, three of which the firm has been designated lead or co-lead counsel. Class action lawsuits allow for claims relating to common issues or facts that would otherwise be too small to litigate individually, to proceed in state or federal court, depending upon the nature of allegations and the number of putative class members. Our consumer attorneys have developed a reputation for excellence in the prosecution of class action cases. We work with perseverance and diligence until the action is completed with the best possible solution for those represented. While class action cases represent groups of people, we still address each individual’s needs and focus on solutions that help the people involved. We put the clients’ goals first. We are unafraid to stand up for the rights of our clients and to see that justice is accomplished. We invite you to call Clifford Law Offices at 312-899-9090 or visit our contact page if you have been a victim of consumer fraud or other unfair treatment.