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    Please Join the Efforts to Help Puerto Rico and Mexico — You are Needed!

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    Posted on October 17, 2017 To

    For weeks we have seen news accounts of the devastation in Puerto Rico following deadly Hurricane Maria as well as the horrific earthquake suffered in Mexico that left hundreds dead. We as lawyers must come together to try to do something. If we can’t make it down to those areas to help them, we can help with our financial support so that the basic needs of these people can be met.

    Please do all that you can to help those in need. And join us with some of the city’s leaders as we gather to continue to raise awareness to this most worthy cause.

    Thank you.

    Robert A. Clifford
    Founder and Senior Partner
    Clifford Law Offices


    Honored Guests Include:
    Hon. Luis V. Gutierrez, U.S. Congressman
    Miguel Antonio Cuesta Zarco, Mexico Alternate Consul
    Pedro Soler of Pedro F. Soler Law Offices, San Juan, Puerto Rico and a licensed Illinois lawyer will provide a first-hand account of the devastation in Puerto Rico.

    Co-Sponsors include:
    Clifford Law Offices
    Floyd Perkins – Nixon Peabody
    Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois
    Honorable Jesse G. Reyes
    Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago
    Puerto Rican Bar Association

    *Supporting organizations:
    Advocate Society of Lawyers
    Appellate Lawyers Association
    Arab-American Bar Association of Illinois
    Asian American Bar Association
    Asian American Bar Foundation
    Black Women Lawyers Association
    Catholic Lawyers Guild of Chicago
    Chicago Bar Association
    Chinese American Bar Association
    Cook County Bar Association
    Decalogue Society of Lawyers
    Filipino American Lawyers Association of Chicago
    Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois
    Illinois State Bar Association
    Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
    IWIRC Chicago Network
    Jewish Judges Association of Illinois
    Justinian Society of Lawyers
    Korean American Bar Association of Chicago
    North Suburban Bar Association
    South Asian Bar Association of Chicago
    Women’s Bar Association of Illinois

    To get involved, visit: