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    Product Liability Claim: Time Limits on Filing

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    Posted on July 11, 2013 To

    In a defective product liability claim, it’s important to understand filing deadlines. In the state of Illinois, as in all other states, there are time limits on how long you have to file a defective product liability claim. These limits are referred to as the statute of limitations. What is the statute of limitations in Illinois? In the state of Illinois, you can file a claim for product liability within two years of the discovery rule. This means that from the very moment you discover you have a claim you have exactly two years to file the product liability claim in the state of Illinois. Of course, there may be other factors the court will consider, such as when you actually bought the product, the actual date of discovery, and the warranty on the product. Clifford Law Offices is an experienced product liability firm with attorneys who have proven success in these types of cases. For example, a product liability lawyer from the firm reached a $3.1 million settlement on behalf of a client who died from severe burn injuries caused by a faulty barbecue lighter.