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Proposed Class Action VW Settlement Awaits Court Approval — Class Members Invited to Examine Proposal

Volkswagen has reached proposed Settlements involving 2.0-liter Volkswagen and Audi diesel vehicles with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), the California Attorney General, the California Air Resources Board (“CARB”), the Federal Trade Commission, and current vehicle owners/lessees and certain former vehicle owners/lessees in the United States.

If the proposed Settlements are approved by the California Judge, then Volkswagen has agreed to:

  • Buy back, terminate leases or provide approved emissions modifications for nearly 475,000 2.0-liter TDI diesel cars in the United States;
  • Provide cash payments to owners/lessees;
  • Pay for environmental remediation; and
  • Promote zero emissions vehicle technology

Class members are being given notice via mail and email. It is also available online at www.vwcourtsettlement.com.

Updates on the status and progress of the litigation, including the upcoming August 25, 2016 status conference on the 3.0-liter vehicles, and the August 16, 2016 Amended Consolidated Consumer Class Action Complaint, are posted regularly on the court’s website, available at http://cand.uscourts.gov/crb/vwmdl.