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    Quebec Rail Explosion Death Toll Climbs to as High as 50

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    Posted on July 11, 2013 To

    Officials in Canada are now saying that in addition to the 20 people confirmed killed in the rail explosion Sunday in Quebec, the 30 missing people are presumed dead in the inferno. As distraught families frantically try to find their loved ones, rescue teams reportedly have found it difficult to go through the rubble because of the intensity of the blast. Among those to blame experts are saying is U.S. based rail company, Montreal Maine & Atlantic Inc, with the company’s parent offices in the Chicago area of Rail World Inc. The CEO of Rail World, Edward Burkhardt, flew to the devastation from his home in the Chicago area to address the issues in Canada regarding the tragic explosion. About a third of the 6,000 residents of Lac-Megantic in Quebec were evacuated following the explosion Saturday when 72 tanker rail cars carrying crude oil derailed, at least five of them exploding. The hearts of all go out to those tragically impacted by this terrible explosion. The sorrowful scenes from that devastation are but a glimpse of what Canadians must be going through at this time.