Robert A. Clifford Interviewed by Lawdragon
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    Robert A. Clifford Interviewed by Lawdragon

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    Posted on April 22, 2020 To
    Robert A. Clifford Interviewed by Lawdragon

    Robert A. Clifford was interviewed by Lawdragon in its Lawyer Limelight series. In this interview, he talks about his deep appreciation for his legal work over the past four decades. He shares advice he gave to his daughter when she graduated from law school, his favorite law school professor and his passion for the work he does for his clients.

    “I come in to work every day for over 40 years as excited as I did my first day. I am very fortunate to view my work as a learning experience. Whether it be figuring out what went wrong with an airplane when it crashed or how a baby was brain damaged at birth, every day is different. I learn something every day.”

    Bob is the Lead Counsel in the U.S. federal district court litigation involving the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302’s Boeing 737 Max8 jet on March 10, 2019, in Ethiopia. He is currently representing 68 victims’ families from across the world.

    “[Accountability and transparency are] owed to my clients and all of those who became victims of the Boeing crash in Ethiopia. To witness the pain and suffering of each of my clients from the loss of their loved ones is very difficult, but they are looking for their lawyers to fight for them in court every step of the way. And that is exactly what we will do until justice is achieved for everyone.

    Bob was named to Lawdragon’s “500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers” list for 2019.

    To read his full Lawdragon interview, click here.