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    Robert A. Clifford to Represent Socrates in Mock Trial

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    Posted on February 27, 2014 To

    The founding Partner of Clifford Law Offices, Robert A. Clifford, will participate in a mock trial where he will represent the Greek philosopher, Socrates, on charges of corrupting the youth and disrespecting the Greek gods. Clifford will be representing Socrates with Dan Webb. The mock trial titled, “The Trial of Socrates Redux: BYO Hemlock”, will be hosted by American College of Trial Lawyers in La Quinta, California on March 8, 2014. Robert Clifford was in a similar mock trial on January 29, 2014 when he and his partner, Dan Webb, defended the Greek mythological figure, Orestes, who was charged with matricide. The event had more than 1,000 attendees and with the audience voting in their favor, the team got an acquittal for Orestes. Like the Orestes mock trial, the upcoming trial for Socrates is sure to entertain as well.