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    Robert A. Clifford Sponsors Annual Clifford Symposium on Tort Law and Social Policy Since 1994

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    Robert A. Clifford Sponsors Annual Clifford Symposium on Tort Law and Social Policy Since 1994

    Robert A. Clifford, founder and senior partner at Clifford Law Offices, has been the proud sponsor of the Tort Law and Social Policy Symposium at DePaul University since 1994. Bob is dedicated to the furtherance of the legal profession and understands the importance of providing a forum for relevant conversations surrounding topics that shape change in tort law.

    Hosted annually at the DePaul University College of Law, Bob and Clifford Law Offices bring together the best and brightest on a topic of interest to the public and that results in a special law review issue of articles by the academic and judicial participants. For more than 25 years, the firm has cultivated a tremendous collection of expert views and opinions across a broad spectrum of topics.

    Past Symposia:
    2022: Litigating the Public Good: Punishing Serious Corporate Misconduct
    2021: Civil Litigation in a Post-Covid World
    2020: The Opioid Crisis: Where Do We Go From Here
    2019: Rising Stars: A New Generation of Scholars Looks at Civil Justice
    2018: Patient Safety: How Might the Law Help
    2017: The Impact of Dark Money on Judicial Elections and Behavior
    2016: Privacy, Data Theft and Corporate Responsibility
    2015: The Supreme Court, Business and Civil Justice
    2014: In Honor of Jack Weinstein
    2013: Brave New World: The Changing Face of Litigation and Law Firm Finance
    2012: A Celebration of the Thought of Marc Galanter
    2011: Festschrift for Robert Rabin
    2010: The Limits of Predictability and the Value of Uncertainty
    2009: Rising Stars: A New Generation of Scholars Looks as Civil Justice
    2008: The Challenge of 2020: Preparing a Civil Justice Reform Agenda for the Coming Decade
    2007: Distortions in the Attorney/Client Relationship: Threats to Sound Advice?
    2006: Is the Rule of Law Waning in America?
    2005: Who Feels Their Pain? The Challenge of Non-Economic Damages in Civil Litigation
    2004: Starting Over: Redesigning the Medical Malpractice System
    2003: After Disaster: The September 11th Compensation Fund and the Future of Civil Justice
    2002: Export Import: American Civil Justice in a Global Context
    2001: Smoke Signals: Civil Justice in the Wake of the Tobacco Wars
    2000: Civil Litigation and Popular Culture
    1999: Judges as Tort Lawmakers
    1998: The American Civil Jury: Illusion and Reality
    1997: Contingent Fee Financing of Litigation in America
    1996: Tort law and the Science of the Twenty-First Century
    1995: ADR and Torts: Implications for Practice and Reform

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