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    Robert Clifford Writes Article About the Dim Realities of Law School, and Possible Solutions

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    Posted on June 13, 2014 To

    Robert A. Clifford, senior partner at Clifford Law Offices and monthly columnist for the Chicago Lawyer magazine, wrote his November, 2013 column entitled “A Dose of Reality for Law Schools, Students.” In the article, Clifford speaks on the facts that have emerged that law school students upon admission are not being fully informed about the realities of the legal job market after graduation. While this problem has been detrimental on law school graduates, it also has been felt by small law firms who are unable to provide adequate salaries to new lawyers such that they are able to begin chipping away at the amount they owe in large school loans, often amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even with recent efforts to curtail this problem by the American Bar Association that accredits law schools as well as law schools themselves, Clifford still writes that there is much work left to be done to find a long-term solution.