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Sean Driscoll Hits Hole in One at ITLA Golf Outing

Sean Driscoll of Clifford Law Offices scored a hole in one on the sixth hole Friday (June 6) at the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association 42nd Annual Convention and Golf Outing. It included the installation of the new president John D. Cooney of Cooney & Conway as well as the awarding of the Leonard M. Ring Lifetime Achievement Award to Larry Rogers, Sr., of Power Rogers & Smith. Driscoll, associate at the firm, played 18 holes in a scramble at the Oak Brook Hills Resort and no one can believe it because he works so hard, he never has time to golf! His prize? A special ITLA t-shirt for being closest to the hole. It was witnessed by his golfing foursome – James Coogan of Dwyer McCarthy & Associates in Chicago, and Michael Keating, partner, and Joseph Vietri, associate, of Keating Law Offices in Chicago. History has it that it has only been done once before, but records and memories are sketchy.


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