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    Senior Partner Robert Clifford Featured in Recent Law360 Article

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    Posted on September 30, 2014 To

    “Titan of the Plaintiff’s Bar: Bob Clifford,” that’s what an article penned by Law360 called senior partner Robert Clifford of Clifford Law Offices. He was touted for his dedication to achieving justice throughout his prestigious 35+year career. The article, published Sept. 26, 2014, describes to readers Clifford’s early years in the law, including his time spent clerking for Philip Corboy, his first trial that came only days after being sworn in as a lawyer, and what first attracted him to the field of injury litigation. Particularly, the article cites Clifford’s blue-collar upbringing in the South Side of Chicago as being particularly influential in driving Clifford to plaintiff’s work. The article further describes why Clifford has been particularly attracted to aviation law, which accounts for more than 30 percent of his total caseload. While Clifford Law Offices handles a wide range of injury suits today, Clifford first became involved in aviation litigation during his time working for Corboy in 1979. The case, which involved an aircraft crash near O’Hare stemming from an engine falling off of a wing, embodied everything that attracted Clifford to the law in the first place: unique challenges and complex issues governed by “fluid case decisions.” Within the article, Clifford is praised by both former employees and defense attorneys alike. Clifford takes time to reflect on how fortunate he has been to work in a practice that peaks his interest, but makes sure to note that his best work is still to come. Read the full article: Titan of the Plaintiff’s Bar: Bob Clifford.