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Severe Weather Across The Country – Some Interesting Stats

By the numbers
528 Deaths: Severe weather tallied 528 fatalities and more than $38 billion in combined property and crop damage in 2012. The 10-year average is 640 deaths per year. Source: Summary of Natural Hazard Statistics (download), National Weather Service

14 Minutes: The average lead time from warning siren tornado is now 14 minutes. An 8-foot by 8-foot safe room averages $6,600 to $8,700 in new construction. Source: Tornado Preparedness Saves Lives, USA Today

6 Inches: Flash flooding is the number one cause of death from thunderstorms. Just 2 feet of water can float most vehicles, and 6 inches can sweep you off your feet. Source: Severe Weather, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration