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    Some 80 Percent of Public Pools Test Positive for Health or Safety Violation

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    Posted on June 13, 2016 To

    A surprising one out of every eight public pools, hot tubs and water playgrounds test positive for at least one health or safety violation, according to data released by “Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report.”

    The data was collected in 2013 by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from five states that have the greatest number of these facilities: Florida, Arizona, New York, California and Texas. The Washington Post (May 19, 2016) released the findings of the researchers who studied the findings of 84,187 routine inspections of 48,632 public aquatic facilities and found that “about 1 in 8 of these inspections found problems so serious that the pool had to be closed immediately.”

    The CDC says the most common violations involved improper pH levels, safety equipment and disinfectant concentration. The study suggests ways to help protect you and your children from pools that may be contaminated. More at