Susan Capra Quoted in Malpractice Book
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    Susan Capra Quoted in Malpractice Book

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    Posted on July 1, 2021 To
    Susan Capra Quoted in Malpractice Book

    Cancer Care Malpractice

    Susan A. Capra, Partner at Clifford Law Offices, is quoted in a book titled, Cancer Care Malpractice: An Attorney’s Guide to Understanding the Issues.

    Susan’s quote is on pages 185-186 and referenced on page 225:

    Susan_Capra“Each cancer case, with a myriad of complexities, requires an individualized approach. There is ‘no one size fits all’. Common cancer case themes are failure to recognize symptoms, failure to order appropriate testing, lack of follow-up regarding test results, and not referring to a specialist. The oncologist expert reviews the case with emphasis on the prognosis, outcome, and potential time delay to diagnosis. Did that time delay in diagnosis make a difference, alter the stage and/or treatment of the cancer, and therefore the outcome? The longer the delay, the stronger the case.”

    The author, Susan V. Haibeck, is an experienced oncology nurse. She works with trial attorneys to help them litigate their cases.

    You can purchase the book here.