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    Target, Nieman Marcus and now Michaels

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    Posted on January 28, 2014 To

    Now comes word that Michaels, the country’s largest arts and crafts store, apparently has experienced a credit card breach of its customers across its more than 1,200 stores.

    Michaels issued a statement that it “recently learned of possible fraudulent activity on some U.S. payment cards that had been used at Michaels, suggesting that the company may have experienced a data security attack.”

    When will this ever come to an end? Retailers are aware that hackers are out there, yet the retailers are more than happy to accept your credit card information and use it for their own marketing purposes. Perhaps they should be more proactive in looking into the Smart Chip.

    That’s a credit card technology where cards are embedded with chips requiring the cardholder to put in a pin or sign for each transaction to be approved. It also is more difficult for hackers to steal the information contained in a “Smart Chip” card, because the pin number is necessary.

    Reportedly a more secure method, “Smart Chips” are already in use in Europe and other places around the world. Why not the U.S.? Too much money, too much trouble for the retailer? It is now the legal system trying to get answers for the consumers on these technology issues when instead it should be the retailers who are out in front.

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