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“The Durkin Bunch”

March 6, 2014

That’s how Kevin Durkin, partner at Clifford Law Offices, and his seven brothers are referred to in the legal community and throughout the Chicago area where they are a well known “bunch.” That’s because five of them are lawyers, one is a judge, one is a politician, et al., as a story headlines in the March issue of the Chicago Lawyer.

The close-knit family recently suffered the tragic loss of the matriarch of their family, Colette Durkin, a mom who never forgot an anniversary, birthday or special occasion. “She became the ultimate Solomon, meting out justice,” Thomas Durkin, federal judge and former partner at Mayer Brown said in his eulogy of his mom.

At Thanksgiving, it takes three large turkeys to feed the brood that has now grown to 47 members. To read more about the Durkins and the amazing job that Colette Durkin did in raising such a close-knit family, read the story here.