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    Top Chicago Law Firm Talks Product Liability

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    Posted on July 9, 2015 To

    Product Liability: liability of a designer, manufacturer or seller of a product for injuries or damages suffered as a result of defects in the product or its user information. Our top Chicago law firm recognizes that product liability cases require complex litigation. The nature of a product liability claim depends on the jurisdiction, product type, and cause of the defect. Product defects can surface in different facets of the user experience, including defects in the design or manufacture of the product, as well as due to a lack of proper warnings about dangers associated with the product’s use.

    As one of the top Chicago law firms, Clifford Law Offices has often been a pioneer in the field of product liability and has won awards for our work. Our firm has represented a wide array of product cases across the country. Thanks to the clients that relied on the skills and resources of our product liability attorneys, the end results have been that many dangerous and failed products are now safer.

    If you or a loved one have been a victim of a defective product, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. (800) 899-0410.

    Product Liability Attorney Cases Represented by Clifford Law Offices:

    Robert A. Clifford, Kevin P. Durkin – $6,100,000 Partial Settlement: Man crushed by punch press machine at factory.

    Richard F. Burke Jr.- Settlement- $2,600,000.00: death of man crushed due to unsafe design of device intended to facilitate emptying of dumpsters into garbage trucks.

    Kevin P. Durkin – $4,405,000 Settlement: 23-year-old tenant dies from carbon monoxide caused by a pool heater in the building’s garage that was in violation of city ordinances.

    Robert A. Clifford – $825,000 Settlement: 31-year-old mother ejected from vehicle during rollover sustained multiple fractures to her pelvis, leg and spinal vertebrae.