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    Websites on Truck Safety — Test Your Road Safe IQ

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    Posted on October 4, 2013 To

    Insurance Institute Tracks Truck Accidents
    Noting that one in 10 highway deaths occur in a crash involving a large truck, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety compiles extensive information on truck accidents. Check here for the latest statistics, status reports and other resources.

    Coalition Dedicated to Improving Car-Truck Safety
    The Truck Safety Coalition is dedicated to reducing the number of deaths and injuries caused by truck-related crashes, providing support to truck crash survivors and their families, and educating the public, policy-makers and media about truck safety issues.

    What is your Road Safe IQ?
    Road Safe America believes a truck driver has as much responsibility as a commercial airline pilot. Their mission is to make highways safer. Take their informative quiz and test your road safe IQ.