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Tracy Brammeier’s Article in the CBA Record Identifies a Solution for Pandemic Trial Backlog

Clifford Law Offices associate attorney, Tracy A. Brammeier, Chair of the Chicago Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section (YLS), published an article entitled “CBA Mediations, At Your Service,” in the May/June edition of the CBA Record.

Pandemic Trial Overflow Slows Court Proceedings

In her article, Tracy addresses the backlog of trial cases due to court closures during the pandemic and offers a solution to easing the workload in judges’ dockets. She shares that while all cases must eventually reach a resolution, it may be beneficial for smaller or simpler claims to explore dispute resolution alternatives such as settlements.

During the pandemic, The CBA Mediation Service Program was introduced by Thomas Mulroy, a former judge in the Cook County Law Division’s Commercial Calendar section and past CBA president. The new resource was intended to assist attorneys moving through constant delays in an already slow system by offering mediation as a quicker alternative.

The CBA’s mediation program offers experienced and vetted mediators to CBA member attorneys seeking assistance with parties looking to reach a settlement. The program provides attorneys with a more economical and efficient resolution process than costly private mediation services.

Beyond Mediation Service

As traditional systems return to normal post-pandemic, Mulroy’s program continues to assist attorneys and judges with caseloads and also offers an additional benefit for young attorneys. Tracey shares how the CBA Mediation Service Program promotes collegial relationships between opposing counsel by allowing collaboration and shared thought as attorneys work alongside other professionals in their practice area.

There are currently over 50 trained and experienced mediators available in the system with areas of specialization in many practice areas including family law, real estate, and personal injury. Not only does mediation create a natural environment for networking, but it allows young lawyers to participate in decision-making and negotiations while building confidence and assertiveness under guidance.

For more information on the Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar Association, visit this page.

Read Tracy’s entire article on page 36 of the May/June 2022 edition of the CBA Record.