What is Facial Nerve Palsy?
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    What is Facial Nerve Palsy?

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    Posted on January 24, 2022 To
    What is Facial Nerve Palsy?

    Facial Nerve Palsy (Bell’s Palsy) can occur when the seventh cranial nerve is damaged. This nerve controls facial movements in a newborn baby. In the most severe cases, the entire side of a baby’s face is affected, preventing them from opening or closing their eyelid or sharing any facial expressions. However, in most cases, this condition only affects the mouth and surrounding muscles. In many newborns, Facial Nerve Palsy goes away in several months, but in rare cases, it will stay with the child for the rest of their lives.

    If you notice your baby has uneven facial features, take them to see a pediatrician right away. Ask to examine Facial Nerve Palsy and related injuries such as Erb’s Palsy.

    What Causes Facial Nerve Palsy?

    Tragically, most Facial Nerve Palsy cases are preventable. In many instances, medical malpractices could lead to a baby with nerve issues, and this negligence could look like:

    • Improper use of forceps
    • Rough treatment of the baby during or shortly after birth
    • Incorrect use of medication
    • Moving the mother too harshly during labor
    • Not performing a cesarean section (C-section) when needed

    What Damages Could You Recover?

    A birth injury lawsuit could result in financial compensation for the medical bills, lost income, mental anguish, emotional suffering, loss of quality of life, lifelong medical costs, and so forth. Clifford Law Offices regularly secures high-value settlements and verdicts for medical malpractice clients.

    A few recent birth injury lawsuit results include:

    $20 Million: June 2021. A newborn boy suffered severe and permanent brain damage due to negligent obstetrical care during labor.

    $51 Million: December 2019. A newborn who sustained brain damages due to negligence during birth.

    Get The Help You Need and Deserve

    The attorneys at Clifford Law Offices in Chicago understand how devastating birth injuries can be for new parents. We have secured over $5 billion in compensation, and we treat each client like our own family members. For a free and confidential consultation, call 312-899-9090 or fill out our online form.