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Car Accidents

When self-driving cars cause accidents, who is liable?

If one is to believe the media, self-driving cars aren't a matter of if; they are a matter of when. In recent years, domestic and foreign automakers, transportation companies like Uber and Lyft, and even technology companies like Google have invested many millions in self-driving technology. While self-driving technology seems inevitable to many, there are still many questions on how self-driving vehicles would fit into...
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The Safety Concern of Self-Driving Cars

Driverless or self-driving cars just received the green light from federal auto safety regulators. A recent New York Times article titled: "Self-Driving Cars Gain Powerful Ally: The Government" sheds positive light on driver-less cars and the government regulation that favors the booming automated vehicles industry. There could be real public safety concerns to be addressed, however, especially given recent crashes of semi-autonomous cars. Safety experts...
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Motorcycle Crash Victims Need Experienced Accident Lawyers

According to Insurance Information Institute, over 8 million registered motorcycles were on the roads in 2014. And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), "In 2013 motorcyclists were about 26 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled and five times more likely to be injured." To read more motorcycle crash statistics, click here. Victims...
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Drugs and Driving: A Dangerous Combination

The dangers of driving under the influence of illegal and prescription drugs are well known. Despite these risks, millions of Americans still drive while under the influence of drugs. According to the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2013, almost 10 million Americans admitted to driving under the influence of illegal drugs. Different drugs can have different impacts on a person's...
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Tragedy Strikes Northwest Indiana High School Basketball Team Bus on Way to State Tournament

A northwest Indiana bus carrying its boys basketball team to its state tournament semifinal reportedly was struck by a driver on Interstate 65, causing the bus to overturn. All 27 players and staff were taken to area hospitals and the coach of Griffith High School's team were airlifted to Christ Advocate Medical Center in Oak Lawn. The team members appeared to stand strong amid the...
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