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Car Accidents

Self-Driving Uber Kills Arizona Woman in First Fatal Crash Involving a Pedestrian

Uber's program of self-driving cars in several cities across the U.S. has resulted in the tragic death Sunday, March 18, 2018, of a pedestrian on a street in Tempe, Arizona, the first death in the U.S. involving self-driving vehicles. Uber released a statement that it was pausing its self-driving car operations in Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto. This incident follows the temporary suspension of...
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Clifford Law Offices Obtains $2.25 Million Settlement in Kendall County

Robert P. Walsh, partner at Clifford Law Offices, obtained a $2.25 million settlement in Kendall County on behalf of a mechanic who suffered a below-the-knee amputation and multiple fractures in an accident in Kendall County. The settlement is a record received in Kendall County for a motorcyclist accident, according to John Kirkton of the Jury Verdict Reporter. The previous high settlement or verdict was $78,000....
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Uber Ends Self-Driving Car Test After Violating State Laws and Driving Unsafely

Many believe that self-driving cars will take over American roads in the very near future. If these changes are to happen, however, automotive companies and government regulators must work closely to ensure the rollout of these vehicles is as safe as possible. The initial signs are not encouraging. Too often, self-driving car companies test their vehicles on American roads without seeking permission from the government...
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When Self-Driving Cars Cause Accidents, Who is Liable?

If one is to believe the media, self-driving cars aren't a matter of if; they are a matter of when. In recent years, domestic and foreign automakers, transportation companies like Uber and Lyft, and even technology companies like Google have invested many millions in self-driving technology. While self-driving technology seems inevitable to many, there are still many questions on how self-driving vehicles would fit into...
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The Safety Concern of Self-Driving Cars

Driverless or self-driving cars just received the green light from federal auto safety regulators. A recent New York Times article titled: "Self-Driving Cars Gain Powerful Ally: The Government" sheds positive light on driver-less cars and the government regulation that favors the booming automated vehicles industry. There could be real public safety concerns to be addressed, however, especially given recent crashes of semi-autonomous cars. Safety experts...
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