In an Accident with a Large Construction Vehicle or Construction Equipment?
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    In an Accident with a Large Construction Vehicle or Construction Equipment?

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    Posted on December 13, 2021 To
    In an Accident with a Large Construction Vehicle or Construction Equipment?

    Construction workers create better futures for their communities as they create new schools, roads, homes, office complexes, and so much more. Every day on a construction site, a worker uses complex machinery, sometimes high up on scaffolding and in grueling weather. Whether it’s a bulldozer, crane, or other operating machinery, construction workers must ensure these pieces of equipment get used carefully and that everyone follows the correct safety procedures.

    Tragically, construction worksite accidents do happen. A worker might fall, be electrocuted, or get struck by equipment or materials. Sometimes these accidents result from carelessness or negligence; sometimes, they happen due to defective equipment and machinery. Regardless of what caused the accident, full compensation for those injured could be available.

    If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with a large construction vehicle or equipment, follow these steps:

    There is no such thing as too much information in a personal injury case involving construction equipment.

    1. Get medical help immediately. Even if the injury seems minimal at the time, seek help from the onsite medical team and other experts. Follow the treatment plan recommendations provided by your medical team. Most importantly: seek medical attention independent of your employer. They will most likely have onsite care at the scene of the accident. Use it, then follow that up with a visit to an independent provider who will give you a 100% unbiased opinion of the situation.
    2. Contact your insurance provider. Tell them details of the accident so that it will be on your profile.
    3. Document as much as you possibly can, including:
      1. Time and location of the accident.
      2. CONTRACTORS INVOLVED IN THE PROJECT. In any construction site injury there may be multiple parties who have responsibility for maintaining a safe worksite. Obtain the names of the general contractor, subcontractors, architects, safety consultants, design engineers and the manufacturer and operator of any equipment or vehicle involved in your incident.
      3. Manager info. Your onsite supervisor’s name and the company name.
      4. Take photos of the construction site and any equipment you were using at the time of the accident. Most importantly, take photos of the large construction vehicle that caused your accident and injuries. These pictures can be examined by an expert who will determine if faulty equipment is responsible for the incident or if the construction company was not following proper safety procedures. Photographs are one of the most important pieces of evidence you can use in your case. If you are too injured to take the pictures yourself, give the task to a trusted coworker or third party.
      5. Type of large construction vehicle and exactly how the accident happened.
      6. Medical diagnosis and your treatment plan.
      7. Witnesses. If anyone else, whether coworkers or nearby pedestrians, saw the accident, take statements from them as well.
      8. Post-injury lifestyle. Write down how the injuries from the accident have negatively affected your daily life in order to provide this information to your attorney. Continue to record the changes every week.
    4. Do NOT sign any papers. Your employer’s insurance company may even pressure you to sign away your rights as a victim. Do not sign any documents before your attorney reviews them.
    5. Seek legal support right away. The construction company’s legal team will start working on the case ASAP, so do not delay finding an expert construction accident law firm.

    After an accident with a large construction vehicle or any construction-related accident, you will almost certainly need help from an experienced construction accident attorney. That’s because construction companies, contracting companies, and other parties who may be responsible for your injury will immediately muster their legal teams to fight your case. Employers and insurance companies will use their experience , to try to avoid paying the amount of compensation construction accident victims often deserve. Working with an attorney who understands this complex, often overwhelming, area of personal injury law can give you a better shot at getting the help you deserve.

    Why Choose Clifford Law Offices?

    Clifford Law Offices has a long history of winning construction accident cases. A prominent example of our success in construction cases involved injuries sustained at the John Hancock Building in Chicago. We represented injury victims and those who lost loved ones due to the collapse, and we ultimately secured a $75 million settlement for our clients.

    In a non-construction worker case, we obtained $6.8 million for a mother who fell through the Styrofoam flooring of a home under construction, which the builder invited her to see.

    In another case, Kevin Durkin, a partner at the firm, obtained a $2.95 million settlement for a construction worker who fell through an unsupported roof on a project at Chicago’s Navy Pier and fractured his pelvis and wrist.

    Click here to see some examples of the numerous construction site accident cases we have resolved in Chicago over the last three decades.

    Let’s get to work on your case.

    Construction-related accidents are serious matters. Even when they are not fatal, the lasting physical and mental harm is significant to victims and their families. Promptly gathering the right evidence and properly preparing your case for trial is fundamental to proving the injuries and damages incurred, and getting you the compensation you deserve.

    If you have questions about your construction-related accident, contact our Chicago team at (312) 899-9090. We are here to support you.