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    Clifford Law Offices, Chicago’s Defective Construction Equipment Injury Lawyers

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    Construction work can be dangerous. Modern safety protocols have tried to make construction areas safer. Unfortunately, the failure of defective construction equipment can occur when recommended safety measures are not followed. As the result of a design defect, manufacturing defect or a failure to warn, any piece of construction equipment can fail and cause serious injury or death to the operator or bystanders. Improper inspection or maintenance can create further dangerous conditions for construction equipment operators and bystanders.

    Some situations in which design and manufacturing defects, a failure to warn and negligent inspection and maintenance can cause injury or death include:

    • Defective crane accidents
    • Defective backhoe accidents
    • Defective cherry picker accidents
    • Defective earth moving equipment accidents
    • Defective power tool accidents
    • Defective saw and nail gun accidents
    • Defective jackhammer accidents
    • Defective table saw accidents
    • Defective punch press accidents
    • Defective forklift accidents

    Defective Construction Equipment Injury Cases are Complex and Require an Experienced Defective Construction Equipment Lawyer

    Defective construction equipment lawsuits require experienced defective construction equipment lawyers. As a result of litigating past defective construction equipment lawsuits, Clifford Law Offices has extensive experience working with these claims. Our defective construction equipment injury attorneys exhaustively investigate your case to identify the responsible parties and prepare all cases for trial. This ensures that the outcome of your lawsuit is based on its merits and comes as a result of full preparation.

    Due to the complexity of construction equipment, isolating the cause of an accident can be difficult. Inquiry will focus on a number of facets including the history of the defective brand at issue, maintenance and inspection records, whether the necessary safety features are a part of the equipment, and whether the instructions and warnings were sufficient to prevent injury.

    Our defective construction equipment lawyers investigate all aspects of an injury and are prepared to involve nationally recognized experts in the field to determine the cause of the accident which ultimately helps to reveal the identity of the negligent party. Experts can range from individuals who consult on questions of maintenance to engineers that deal with design or even metallurgists who can give an opinion as to the cause of a component’s failure. This strategy requires experienced and knowledgeable defective construction equipment injury lawyers that have the resources to pursue just outcomes for their clients.

    The defective construction equipment lawyers of Clifford Law Offices have the knowledge, experience, and resources to represent you in your pursuit of justice.

    Clifford Law Offices, Experienced Chicago Defective Construction Equipment Injury Attorneys

    Clifford Law Offices and their experienced defective construction equipment injury lawyers have worked hard on behalf of a number of clients and families who have experienced the tragedy of being victimized by defective construction sites or defective equipment. All of the families’ stories are very sad; they were all very avoidable had the appropriate parties taken the proper precautions and not been negligent in the care of workers or those in the area.

    For example, Clifford Law Offices obtained a $6.8 million settlement on behalf of a 37-year-old mother of two who fell through Styrofoam flooring of a home under construction where she had been invited by the builder to view. Some other defective construction equipment or unsafe working area cases that have been handled by the experienced attorneys at Clifford Law Offices include:

    Robert A. Clifford, Kevin P. Durkin – $13,730,000 Settlement: 29-year-old worker burned at power plant fire in Indiana.

    Robert P. Walsh – $2,671,000 Settlement: 45-year-old plumber and father of three falls six stories to his death at a Chicago construction site.

    Robert A. Clifford – $2,000,000 Settlement: Worker impaled by metal rod at construction site.

    Robert A. Clifford – $705,000 Settlement: 58-year-old man crushed by backhoe at construction site.

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