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    Respected Malpractice Attorney Explains Tort Reform

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    Posted on June 25, 2014 To

    Clifford Law Offices partner and attorney Keith A. Hebeisen answered a number of questions regarding tort reform. He explained how those most affected by tort reform are people who have been injured by someone who is negligent and limited (or prevented) from having full compensation. “The overall objective of tort reform is to make it harder or impossible for people in companies to be held accountable when they negligently injure other people,” shared Hebeisen. The average consumers can do two things about tort reform. First, they can educate themselves on how the civil justice system works and understand why it’s important to protect people’s rights. Secondly, the average consumer can speak up when the subject is discussed and explain how tort reform is a bad idea. The full interview, produced by Clifford Law Offices, can be watched here:

    Keith A. Hebeisen is an outstanding Chicago personal injury attorney and one of the most respected medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago. He has experience in many practice areas, including complex areas of medical negligence, medical liability and transportation liability. To learn more about Hebeisen, click here.