Steps to Take After Being Hurt by Construction Equipment
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    Steps to Take After Being Hurt by Construction Equipment

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    Steps to Take After Being Hurt by Construction Equipment

    Every year, thousands of workers across the United States are severely injured on the job, sometimes with catastrophic consequences for themselves and their families. The majority of construction accidents are preventable. If you are hurt while working with construction equipment, knowing the steps to take directly following an incident can help you minimize injury and protect your legal rights.

    Working on a construction site typically means long days operating heavy and complex equipment including bulldozers, cranes, scaffolding, and forklifts. Negligence to follow safety protocols, faulty or poorly maintained equipment, poor working conditions, and improper site supervision are all attributed to causing construction equipment-related accidents. Falls, electrocution, and crush injuries are common construction equipment-related injuries that occur when proper safety precautions are not met. These serious injuries can have fatal outcomes if not handled quickly and expertly.

    Ultimately, it is the responsibility of construction companies and contractors to ensure their workers are following the correct safety procedures and maintaining equipment properly. If you’ve been involved in a construction equipment accident that involves negligence, you may be able to collect financial compensation against all responsible parties.

    To navigate legal action and protect your rights as a worker, it is essential to hire an experienced construction accident attorney who can help you understand the complex legal processes, help you seek fair compensation, and go to bat for you against the legal teams of construction companies, contracting companies, and any other involved party.

    To expedite the legal process and your recovery in the immediate aftermath of a construction accident follow these steps:

    1. Seek medical attention immediately.

    Even when the injury seems minimal, you should seek medical help immediately following the accident. Your condition could worsen over time, or an injury that might not be obvious right away could surface in a few weeks or months. Be sure to get official records of all injuries diagnosed, medications prescribed, and follow-up care given. You will need this documentation when you and your attorney put your claim together.

    Most important: seek medical attention independently of your employer. They will most likely have onsite care at the scene of the accident. Use it, then follow that up with a visit to an independent provider who will be able to give you a 100 percent unbiased opinion of the situation.

    2. Take photos of the equipment.

    If you are able, photograph the construction site and any equipment you were using at the time of the accident. These pictures can be examined by an expert who will be able to determine if faulty equipment is responsible for the incident or if the construction company was not following proper safety procedures. Photographs are one of the most important pieces of evidence you can use in your case. If you are too injured to take the pictures yourself, give the task to a trusted coworker or third party.

    3. Gather notes and witness statements.

    Documenting what happened, when it occurred, and who saw it are also key pieces of evidence in a case involving construction equipment. As soon as you are able, take notes on the events of the accident. You might also document your physical condition over time, to keep a record of injuries worsening or new ones surfacing. If anyone else, whether coworkers or nearby pedestrians, saw the accident, take statements from them as well.

    4. Compile all documentation for an attorney.

    There is no such thing as too much information in a personal injury case involving construction equipment. With that in mind, compile all documentation of the accident, so your attorney can use it as evidence in your case. That includes medical records, photos, witness statements, and your notes. Provide this information to your attorney, who will use it to strengthen your claim.

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    Injuries resulting from heavy machinery can be serious and cause lasting physical and mental harm to victims and their families. The right evidence can go far when it comes to illustrating the damage incurred and helping you receive the compensation you deserve. The personal injury attorneys at Clifford Law Offices have decades of experience helping individuals recover damages for injuries resulting from negligence on construction worksites. Our attorneys have experience in all types of personal injury cases and construction accident lawsuits, and we know how to handle your case efficiently.

    If you’ve suffered an injury due to faulty or poorly maintained machinery, or negligence surrounding heavy construction equipment, contact Clifford Law Offices to discuss the details of your case with one of our attorneys and learn what options are available to you. It is our goal to help you receive the highest possible compensation for your injuries.